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Monday, November 5, 2007

The Best Way to Fly out of NYC (to 8 US cities)

Find out which flights are consistently late and which airlines over-filled holiday flights will leave you stranded in an airport eating Pizza Hut Thanksgiving delight.
This article is a gem!
Check it out NY Mags "Choosing Well"
LOS ANGELES (LAX) (BUR) When you’re flying into the fourth-busiest airport in the country, you’ve got to leave in the morning. By evening, half of all flights from JFK to LAX arrive late. Virgin America, the upstart on the route, operates a daily 7:30 a.m. flight (311) out of JFK that has been touching down on time at a superb 89 percent clip.
CHICAGO (ORD) (MDW)Try to avoid flying from JFK—and into O’Hare. Both JetBlue and Delta fly full schedules on this route, but only one of those planes (JetBlue Flight 903) ever arrives on time. If you must use O’Hare, try American’s morning flights (301, 305, 317, and 319) out of La Guardia.

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