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Monday, November 12, 2007

Consumer Reports' Best Cheap Wines

My dad just gave me his username and password to his Consumer Reports account - this is the best site ever! So, I will most likely have lost of great info. from the savviest shopping gurus at this amazing publication.

Today, the best inexpensive (aka CHEAP) wines - perfect for all those holiday parties:

Columbia Crest Grand Estates Columbia Valley (WA) 2003: $9.80
Rosemount Estate Shiraz-Cabernet (Australia) 2004: $7.50
Alamos The Wines of Catena Mendoza (Argentina) 2005: $9.90

Stone Cellars by Beringer (CA) 2005: $5.80

Concha y Toro Casillero Del Diablo (Chile) 2005: $8.60

Bogle Vineyards (CA) 2004: $9.20

Columbia Valley
(WA) 2005: $7.30

McManis Family Vineyards (CA) 2005: $9.80

Run Columbia Valley
(WA) 2005: $7.20

Rancho Zabaco Dancing Bull (CA) 2004: $9.00

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iSpend said...

Do you know of any cheap ways to buy wine online? Fresh Direct?