Being Citybroke is about perspective. It’s about seeing glitter in the gutter and a sense of humor when life is giving you everything you don’t exactly want and you’re hanging on for a dream that you sometimes can’t remember.
It’s not sales or survival - it’s an electronic letter from the trenches. It’s what suits who make $60K in at age 24 can’t even imagine. It’s Freedom. It’s Poverty. It’s Broken. It’s Beautiful.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Slappy? Swanny? Swanson?...

Samsonite! ...I was way off.
It's travel time and this is a sweet deal on real Samsonite goods (durable - not fancy - like the Hilary Swank of luggage. No need to embarass yourself and fellow travelers with your troubled little carryon roller. This delicious cherry red set retails at $220 but you can get it delivered to your apt for $104 with all this discounts. Check it out!
$20 off $120 + Free Shipping coupon code ENTBK0625 it drops to $129.99 (and spares you $14 shipping). Then, if you pay via Paypal you will get 20% cash back on your purchase (deposited automatically into your Paypal account before 1/31/08). You also get a free $25 certificate valid on a future $75 order.
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