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Thursday, November 15, 2007

West Village Gem - Authentic Italian for Lessa Money.

The owners of Inoteca on the LES have a little known sister restaurant in the West Village. Not too busy, very reasonable and totally cosy. Even Martha Stewart likes it:"It's tiny, it's delicious, it's 'ino. The sandwiches here are delicious, in fact they're my favorite sandwiches." Now that's a good thing!

Panini's start at $9 and brunch is $12.
Thanks, Foodista!
Ino 21 Bedford Street btwn 6th Ave & Downing

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Anonymous said...

This place is just so charming and great for lunch or brunch. But if you go for dinner call ahead--they sometimes close the restaurant for private events.

Suuuch a good find though, try it!