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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Holidays, Now Stop Sharing

I had a post recently about sharing music – and it was brought to my attention by our readers (they do exist) that this is quite illegal. They are obviously, painfully, it’s-been-all-over-the-news-for-the-last-five-years correct. Obviously, as I mentioned, I’m stuck in the days of mix-tape sharing (also illegal!). Yes, I do buy albums, actually probably more than most people. BUT, I also like learning about new bands that my friends are into through, um, can I use this word?, sharing. I think most bands would be pleased to know that what they’ve created, their art, is being absorbed, talked about, and passed along – that they have started a discussion and made enough of an impact on the thick-sculled, rule-following kids out there that they actually got up off their lazy asses and shared something they enjoyed. I might not pay the $.99 it would cost to buy a Hold Steady song from iTunes, but my friend loaned me the album from his computer, made into a fan, and now I’ll buy their next album, and attend a concert. Don’t worry, I’ll do my part in making sure our musicians don’t go hungry. Which makes me ask the mp3 police out there, what have you done lately?

PS - And, yes, I altered my previous headline

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