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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Don't Short Club Monaco.

I wandered into the Club Monaco in Midtown last weekend and found an armful of pieces I love. I escaped without buying anything because they were all full-price and I couldn't justify the $70 striped turtleneck as a wise investment. However, I will go back again soon and revisit that decision. I especially recommend their gorgeous high-waisted dress pants ($149) and the high waisted tie-skirt ($129) seen here. It fits really well and its classic style will last. It's the perfect skirt for the office & fun enough for fancy holiday parties.

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Foodista said...

Club Monaco has unbelievable sales sometimes and it's worth checking out the back section of the store. I once got 2 cute t-shirts there for $3 each, a top for $19 and a nice blazer for $39! How great is that?