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Monday, November 5, 2007

Avoid wrong paint colors and furniture that won't fit.

You can create a 3-D image of your 200 square foot apt and buy stuff from Ikea and Target through the site to fill the space.
1) If you say your room is 10 feet wide and you buy a couch & end table that are together 10 1/2 feet the site will recommend you go smaller. (I guess squeezing/not fitting is a no-no in tiny spaces. )
2) You can actually see what your room will look like instead of imagining what all your bargain buys will look like together.
3) Real interior designers use the program to design rooms so you can steal their ideas and buy their stuff right away.
4) You can also splash real paint colors on your cyber walls and see which looks best with your new bed spread before you buy it.
SWEET! Check it out.

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