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Thursday, November 8, 2007

The GendeX Mutual Fund - You are Soooo Hip!

A friend passed on an interesting post in Daily Candy today, Investing is the New Black, on the Thrasher GendeX Mutual Fund. A mutual fund advertising to the "next generation of investors", and requiring an initial minimum fee of $100, with at least a $50 contribution each month, GendeX is "developed and is managed by young adult investors for young adult investors". people like me investing my money.

Daily Candy reads "
The fund includes some of your favorite companies (including many fashiony ones)..." Well, of course, who cares if your fund makes money, as long as the money is in the "cool" stocks. I'm not doing anything unless it's mentioned on Gossip Girl next week.

To Thrasher's credit it might be legit. I just think I need a bit info which is why I'm definitely attending the Thrasher / Daily Candy party next Thursday,
November 15 - 7-9pm at Caravan, 2 Great Jones Street. Get me drunk and full for free and I'll consider any investment strategy.

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