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Monday, November 19, 2007

5 Great Beauty Gifts for 5 Types of Chicks

1. The Fake. She tans in a bed, wears makeup everywhere she goes and always looks like she just had a blow-out. For the high maintenance babe in your life, get a set of these industrial strength lip plumpers. $52 for the duo that would be $76 separately. She'll like love you forever!

2. The Intellectual. Julie Delpy and Catherine Deneuve are her idea of feminine beauty. She likes to look sophisticated and intriguing at once. The best way to achieve this? Wear makeup that is literally confusing to guys. Why is her eye makeup messy? How is her skin so white? A perfect Pick to perplex? Chanel's new Creme Gloss Lumiere ($32). I bought it and I love because it looks like lipstick, but goes on like gloss - the effect is very film noir.

3. The Jock. She loves working out and playing sports and that's really super. She needs something easy that makes her more fem than she actually is. How about veneers?-I kid. Seriously, you should get her something that will make her smell nice. A scented safety for the only girl who can manhandle you: Stella smells yummy and with 4 individual vials ($35) she'll have 2 for the gym and 2 for the firing range locker.

4. The Nice Girl. She isn't sarcastic. She is always polite. She matches more often than not. A total keeper. Say I-am-totally-in-like-with-you with Philosphy's Amazing Grace layering kit ($55) . She'll smell as sweet and pleasant as she really is. I actually keep a little bottle in my purse for after work (or during work) drinks. If you want to impress her family, try this set in Pure or Falling in Love. Ha!

5. The Party Girl. Everything is better when she's around. She likes to party and have a laugh whenever possible. Help her keep up the good times with 3 of Prada's in-purse perfume. ($65) There's no excuse for staying in when smelling delicious is this easy.

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