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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Johnny has to look just right.

This Thanksgiving, the youtube hit of the weekend was John Edwards styling his hair. Check it out.

On top of this viral embarrasment, John Edwards made mazillions of dollars as a personal injury attorney in North Carolina. I can't even imagine the publicist mastermind who could get this knucklehead back in the ring. Rovey? Dick Morris? He'll need the A-Team and he can afford them.
Seriously, Guy? I'll look the other way when you pay $600 for a haircut, but there is no way you are getting anywhere near the Whitehouse [even as VP or special style advisor] with this footage on the loose. How did he not see the camera? Is it just me or is Pumping Iron somehow less damning?

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Anonymous said...

Far better than, say, giving the middle finger to the camera ala the current knucklehead in the whitehouse.