Being Citybroke is about perspective. It’s about seeing glitter in the gutter and a sense of humor when life is giving you everything you don’t exactly want and you’re hanging on for a dream that you sometimes can’t remember.
It’s not sales or survival - it’s an electronic letter from the trenches. It’s what suits who make $60K in at age 24 can’t even imagine. It’s Freedom. It’s Poverty. It’s Broken. It’s Beautiful.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Speaking of voting...

This year I am going to vote. Last night I was at dinner with Aleks-ON-dra and it suddenly occurred to me that I ought to vote this year, BUT how? I had announced my decision out of nowhere and [accidently revealing she doesn't read my delicious blog] she was shocked. I asked her how to "vote" and she said I register at a Post office and then go to my precinct and have my say on election day. Sounds easy. I'll keep you all posted.

XO The Patriot

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