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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Here comes the Treats Truck!

The Treats Truck is run by a chick who likes selling award winning treats for cheap. [peanut butter and jelly cake sandwich, frosting sandwich, chocolate mint sandwich cookie, lemony lemon cookie, cinnamon creme sandwich cookie, brown rice crispy, chocolate chocolate chunk cookie, etc] She parks in different spots around the city on a rotating schedule. She is supposed to be a real creampuff so when the TT is in your hood be sure and grab the change in your top drawer get yourself a treat. You can also make awkward office parties slightly more fun by ordering a batch of treats in advance.

There is cop that keeps on kicking the truck off of 5th ave near 12th street (!!!) Here's an excerpt from the website: "Customers at the truck looked on sympathetically while he read me the riot act. After he finished, he threw down two dollars and bought two cookies! I was very confused by his actions. " Read on "The Happy Sad tale..."(it's hysterical)

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Foodista said...

I love this idea and the treats! They're delicious and I love the name of the truck--"Sugar"