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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Time Out New York's 50 "Secrets"

I checked out TONY's 50 New York secrets and the ones I checked out seem pretty legit. I had never heard of most of them. Whoever edited the list must be fancy [the more I clicked the more I think she might be better described as snobby] because everything's pretty high-brow. Worth checking out if you want to do something cultural or impress someone who doesn't know you already. Not good if you have been needing a drink since you finished your morning coffee.

Check it out 50 Secrets
Sullivan Room
WHY ESSENTIAL:True to its reputation as one of the least pretentious clubs in Manhattan, Sullivan Room has established itself as a haven for straight-up, no-frills house music. And if you’re not into house, the club features plenty of nights geared toward drum ’n’ bass boffins and breakbeat fans.
The secret: The Sullivan Room is in the same building as the Lion’s Den (a rock club), at 214 Sullivan Street. You would never know there is any connection between the two, but a secret service passageway exists, and staff scurry between venues (see the route above). We thought that busboy looked familiar.… 218 Sullivan St between Bleecker and W 3rd Sts (212-252-2151)

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