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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Borrow Basic Black (CB rating B+)

I saw Cathie Black, the president of Hearst, on Oprah last week. I was intrigued by a few things she said during the interview. She said that women tend to ask for raises and tell their boss they deserve it because they need it. Men, in contrast, say they deserve a raise because they kick-ass for their company. Hmmm...interesting.
So I bought the book. Almost $17 on
I found value in this book because:
1. She gives real examples of screwing up. As a sales director at Ms. her entire sales team grew to resent her so much they told her they'd quit unless she did. Her fumbles are fun to read about and offer valuable lessons.
2. She profiles people she has actually worked with [naming names] and makes excellent points about how to build enduring industry relationships.
3. She gives a lot of good advice. Such as: Get as many trustworthy mentors as you can and keep up with them. Make your boss look good. Speak up.
I think this book is valuable for women to read, but it seems like this woman is very successful navigating the male-dominated ad-sales world because she is almost a dude herself. I don't care that she's a girls' guy to the max; Let's just not pretend she's a regular chick with typical hangups. Her observations about why women don't get ahead are always 3rd person because she doesn't make the same mistakes or think the same way. Maybe her unique she-man perspective that's why I enjoyed reading this book and recommend you BORROW it.

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