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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Layering Makes Scents during Snowy Time

Summer heat helps activate perfumes, while winter cold and dryness diminishes your chosen scent. In France, women always wear the coordinating lotion with perfume so that the smell lasts.

Winter Tricks to Smelling Better
1) Moisturize. Dry skin doesn't look good and your perfume can't work with it either.
2) Layer. Use scented shower gel, body lotion, & perfume. I've met women who do it and they are intimidating. This tip can be classified as aspirational.
3) Spray everywhere. In your hair, on your coat, scarf whatever. Just make sure it doesn't stain. ex black wool coats fine - white oxford bad
**TIP Don't ever spray real pearls with perfume. It destroys them. (I've done it.)

I love Burberry London for winter. Get the gift set on for $79.00 (retail $145) or on for $54. I've done the discount online perfume before and it worked out. If it's skanky send it back.

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