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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Did you know they call us Millenials??

It's true. A bunch of 40 year-olds decided to call Gen Y's "millenials." If you were a baby-boomer maybe you'd try to come up with a lame name for your kid's generation. Is it possible that they think we'll actually embrace this label? It's not like we just exited our mother's womb and have to take whatever sucky name they come up with. I don't think it will stick, but WE have come up with something better.
Why can't we be Gen-Starts? Gen meets upstarts or start-ups. Or Y-be's? Or Young Things? Why not?! Millenials is the worst name for us! Any suggestions?
Check out this awesome article that of course uses this super lame name. Companies can encourage creativity
"There is no shortage of companies with 'creativity' and 'innovation' in their vision statements that nonetheless swiftly stomp out attempts at creativity when they emerge...the current generation of young workers, the Millennials, will encourage innovation. "They're much more driven by quality of life and job content," he says. "They're more inclined to challenge the status quo."

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Ashley said...

I don't actually mind the label of Millenial. It's more of a descriptor than Gen Y or Gen X and the word itself (though not the generation) has semi-positive associations at that. It's definitely better than Baby Boomers, who are forever described by their parents' postwar randiness.

However, I will take issue with the description of the characteristics of Millenials. Are we really being called lazy and impatient by the dot-com generation? For shame.