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Friday, November 2, 2007

$50 off Elizabeth Cotton

I have a great promotional code, but before I give it to you I'm going to rant about it. So, $50 off sounds good, right? Wrong. I went to the Elizabeth Cotton website and of course headed for the cheapest thing - underwear. The Elizabeth Cotton "knickers" cost $36 - sweet! Free panties!

But then I read the small print that reads, amongst other things: "Offer not valid for "knickers" collection items." So they predicted my cheap-ass move. Those savvy marketing folks!

The next cheapest thing? The "cropped pajama set" for $210 ($160 with discount). So, since I'm obviously not going to spend a month's worth of groceries on clothes you sleep in, you can shop away! The code is "LUCKYSHOPS". ( My disclaimer is that Lucky is nice enough to give this away in the first place.)
- iSave

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Mr.Eugeen Toegang IV said...

now you ladies are talking. the more tight fupa, the more will will look.