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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Want to Work for Me?

Steve Forbes, AKA Flat Tax Man, is looking for a Marketing Assistant. This is actually a pretty good job. You’ll work a very cool boss, have decent responsibility, and the office is young. Ok, so you might have to go on Birthday cupcake runs, but cherish the fresh air – it might be the last job that lets you enjoy it.

Did I mention it’s on 5th Ave. b. 12 and 13? Great location! Email us if you’re interested:

Marketing Assistant
Description: Forbes Magazine seeks a Marketing Assistant to assist and support the marketing staff with execution of marketing promotions, presentations and events. This person is an administrative resource, providing support for the general and category marketing teams. This entry-level position offers lots of opportunity and room for growth.

Qualifications: This role requires excellent written and oral communication, attention to detail, strong organizational, multi-tasking and customer service skills. We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate who is a natural "go-getter", self-motivator and responds well to a high-energy environment. Ideal candidate will have a strong interest in magazine marketing and a drive to learn about the industry. Internship/work experience (0-2 years) in publishing a plus.


iSpend said...

Hey - Do we have a contact email?

iSpend said...

I tried to poast the manager one - and I couldn't figure it out. I want to step on someone's neck or soemthing.