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Thursday, October 25, 2007

How We Spend Our Days...

"How we spend our days, is, of course, how we spend our lives."~Annie Dillard

You shouldn't dread your job. In many ways, it is the largest part of your life consuming more hours than any other activity. Here are the factors you should consider when assessing your current job or a job oppportunity.

In order of greatest importance:

1) Culture
What is the mission statement of the company? How are underlings treated? What are your co-workers like? Is it a fratty culture or a bunch of A-types all competing for the boss' affection?

2) Career
What are you learning in this position? How will it impact your resume? Is there upward mobility at the company? Do you want to continue on the path you are on? Are you making connections with people who can make your career? What is your dream job? Are you on your way?

3) Money
Are you making decent money? Are you on your way to making a salary you are comfortable with in 5 years? Do you have a second job to pay your bills?

4) Boss
Do you hate your boss? Do you hold them in contempt? Do they give you guidance and professional advice? Are they less intelligent than you - if they are are you able to manage them so they don't resent you?

If you get 3 out of 4, It's a good job. If you get 4 out of 4, never leave. Less than that, look around.
Life's too short.



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