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Monday, October 29, 2007

Honeysuckle Smells Better than Stale Beer

Ok, so iSpend really liked the Joe Malone candle for $65. While you do have to spend some money for quality candles, you don't have to spend that much. Check out Votivo (I prefer No. 68 Honeysuckle) candles for $25 each. You may think this is still a lot, but one of these lasted me through my entire senior year of college when I lived with 6 people and had parties every night. If it can make a beer-soaked room smell pretty (for an entire year), it can do wonders for your "adult" apartment. Why buy 5 $5 candles, when you can have just one. Think of it as an investment.

Go to the site if for no other reason then to read the poetic descriptions of the candles.

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