Being Citybroke is about perspective. It’s about seeing glitter in the gutter and a sense of humor when life is giving you everything you don’t exactly want and you’re hanging on for a dream that you sometimes can’t remember.
It’s not sales or survival - it’s an electronic letter from the trenches. It’s what suits who make $60K in at age 24 can’t even imagine. It’s Freedom. It’s Poverty. It’s Broken. It’s Beautiful.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Brunch is for broke happy people

...who like drinking at breakfast! Brunch in New York is the best and you can get a really amazing 3 hour all-you-can drink Sunday fun-day mid-day meal for cheap.
I recommend Paprika on St. Mark's and Cafe Colonial on Houston.
iSpend? Your thoughts? I bet you like the Sunburnt Cow & Bondai Road.

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