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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Usually, I say that discount swipe cards, or “memberships” as they say are crap. I have one at Key Foods; however I’m not sure I’ve ever really gotten anything back from it. My Duane Reed Dollar Rewards Club card? No idea how it works. I know it involves my receipt which I promptly throw away after a purchase. Come on, saving should not involve devoting hours to interpreting the ins and outs of every discount card. It’s almost as bad as cutting coupons. But Sephora, bless this store, has gotten it right.

The BeautyInsider card is simple and sweet. Spend $100, get a free gift. And we all know how easy it is to spend $100 at Sephora – even for me (why are Juicy Tubes so amazing and expensive!?). You also get a free gift on your birthday, and are invited to fun store events.

And not to mention the design is appealing and it actually looks pretty cool hanging from your key chain.

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