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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This Chick Did Not Deserve Her Job

When I crash landed in New York, I took an unpaid internship at a New York Travel/Lifestyle magazine in Rock Plaza.
2 Reasons why the recently axed managing editor SUCKED.

She stiffed me. She knew I was broke and 3000 miles away from home and she promised to pay me for the freelance work I did when I left the intership. I even sent her humble emails, begging for my 350 bucks. Ignored. **Noteworthy, she is a total cake-eater. She grew up on the Upper East and dropped names all day. She sucked. I am confident no one ever dropped her name. Learn why below.

She was an ignorant, unintelligent, chubby, perennially without boyfriend snob. We go to lunch with the friend of a friend who got me the underpaid intership and he says, "You know, typical WASPY types." (Remember when I said she grew up on the UES?)
She says, "What's a WASP?"
Pause - She is a managing editor of a lifestyle/travel pub.
He says, "You know, like white, Protestant."
She says, "What's Protestant."
We both are in shock.
He kindly says, "You know, like, yuppy JCrew."
She nods, not understanding.
I say, "Christian - but not Catholic? Like the Reformation?"
Her pale blue eyes were empty pools of non-recognition.
The fof steered the conversation away from these tricky concepts and then we all went back to work. Me in my cube and she in her corner office.
She sucked.

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