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Saturday, October 27, 2007

BYOB and be less broke.

If you want to drink with friends and the number of dollars in your bank account is lower than your age - 1st try to get someone to host a pre-gaming apt party. If that isn't happening - campaign for a BYOB restaurant.
- Have about 5 good spots up your sleeve so you can cater to different palettes and neighborhoods.
- If you are seriously broke, call ahead and find out if there is a corking fee and how much it is ($5 is totally doable)
Favorites -
Panna 2 in the East Village (7th & 1st Ave) they will rush you through dinner, the Indian is so/so, but the xmas light/chili pepper/disco ball atmosphere is one in a million. Great for dates and when friends visit. ($6-10 a meal - no corking fee)
Zen Palate in Union Square (18th & Broadway) Awesome vegetarian Asian fusion. Great for a date, large parties, and last second lunches or dinners. Make a reservation if you want, but I've never waited more than 10 minutes. The upper level has sweet views and cool semi-private spaces ($10-18 per meal, $5 corking fee. 1 bottle of wine per 2 guests)
Zaytoons in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn (Smith Street & Degraw) Zagat says they have the best Mediterranean in NYC. I agree. ($8-12 per meal, no corking fee)
Good Online Resources for BYOB research:
NYC Pulse (byob)
New York Magazine (byob)
Amuse-Bouche - has a byob in NYC map, too!


Do you know any good byob spots? email or comment.

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Lauren said...

Zaytoons is the best Mediterranean, hands down!