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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Your cereal is made by a Tobacco company

Phillip Morris owns all these not-so-delicious brands. Talk about diversified. Raisin Bran and Miracle Whip? Velveeta and Jell-o? It's nuts.

It's nice to know that until Marijauna cigarrettes are totally legal and PM switches from tobacco to recreational, medical and "help you get off nicotine" cigarettes, they have a healthy portfolio of food products to keep their investors from getting squirelly.
Because a few readers are unbelieving - check out history/aquisitions under wikipedia . Their startegy is vice brands and since they also own Miller breweries - they've got booze, munchies & smokes on lockdown.

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Bones said...

as much as i HATE PM and Kraft (the brand that owns all those brands listed), it's no longer true. PM does not own Kraft, as of 2007. doesn't make either company any better!