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Monday, January 7, 2008

Note to self: 1) Dramatically report the obvious 2) Participate in more at home "research"

When one little pin-striped editor at the Washington Post sadly nodded his shiny head to okay, "College Drinking Games Lead to Higher Blood Alcohol Levels," he knew his unique traffic quota would be met for the week. That story has been #1 in Google "health" news for an hour. Perhaps Post editors were comforted to see just below the New York Times', "The Science of Toga Parties." Maybe not, this NYT blog's dry retelling was actually kind of awesome.

The Post story was attributed to HealthDay News so I visit its website to discover it's a self-generating news service for media outlets, hospitals, street peddlers etc. It publishes " 12+ hard health news stories a day, with seven daily news feed updates." Hard news guys? Hardly.

Here's a gem from HDN's homerun of the day:
"The researchers found that playing drinking games, having a personal history of binge drinking, attending a party with many other intoxicated people, and attending a themed event all predicted higher blood alcohol levels."
Upcoming HealthDay News Story: Zoo animals are more depressed than their couterparts in the wild!
MY FAVORITE part is that the study was conducted at San Diego State University, "an urban public university in southern California." At least they went to the nation's drunkest, most ru-pheed campus in the country (world?) to do some hardcore drinking game research. Picking the un-soberest campus might have been the only intelligent analysis required.

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