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Monday, January 28, 2008

Don't get Burned, Buy Renter's Insurance

I know some of you don't even have health insurance, but you really should consider buying renter's insurance. My roommates and I have ours through State Farm Insurance. It takes about 15 minutes of our time over the phone and costs only about $120 for a full year. This, of course, is with the lowest deductible and "economy" possessions. (Yes, the rate your crap like they do plane seats). But while us New Yorkers don't have to worry as much about earthquakes and hurricanes, you never know when you'll come home to realize your neighbor's pipe broke and flooded your entire bed room, or a robber has just jacked all your clothing and jewelry. Go here on the website, take 5 minutes to fill out this from and an agent will contact you with an estimate. The insurance covers just you, not your roommates, so there are no awkward "money" discussions necessary. Use that 100 bucks for something useful - you can live without that knock-off Marc Jacobs purse.

More on this topic at's: Challenging Myths: Renters Insurance Edition

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