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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hell Yeah! we have the same presidential picks as TechCrunch!

Barack & McCain! I'd be happy with either. (well, the VP's do come into play at some point)

Go Michael Arrington! TechCrunch is my favorite tech news source and often non-tech news source and they've announced who they back. Granted, it was fun reading the New York Times and finding out "Why Rudy sucks," but TC outlines why these candidates are good for technology and entrepeneurs which may prove an important endorsement. It's cute that all the TC readers voted for Ron Paul. He is pretty lovable.

"Senator Obama talks about the future with a sense of optimism that the other candidates seem to lack. America has done great things in the past, and we can do great things in the future, so long as our leaders support our home-grown and immigrant entrepreneurs, or at least get out of the way. "

"[TechCrunch is] endorsing Senator McCain as the best candidate from that side of the aisle. Senator McCain, more so than any other Republican candidate, is at least willing to go on record on any issue we brought up in our interview with him... he’s made it clear that he’ll address inequities that arise from his hands-off policies on net neutrality and mobile allocations, which other Republican candidates refuse to do. And his positions on Internet Taxes, H1-B visas, China/human rights violations and other issues are strongly pro-technology. Romney and, to a lesser extent Huckabee, by contrast, have shown little inclination to even discuss their position on these issues."
Check out the article.

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