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Friday, January 11, 2008

Annoying Frog Intl Superstar?

Annoying Frog is a bizarre little cartoon animal that yields crazy money in merch internationally. It made $79 million in 2005 on ringtones alone. If you check out the video at the link you'll see what a wild fusion of anime and dreamworks (the look not the comp.) can produce. While I watched I was thinking the frog was probably inspired by a friend of the guy who came up with the idea. Can't you see some annoying person with bad posture, a cheery disposition and wandering eyes inspiring annoying frog? Actually it was inspired by a viral youtube video of a Swedih teen impersonating a 2 stroke engine.
Let us know if you know any annoying frog fans. Maybe you'll embrace the frog if you check more footage of this intl phenomenon in action.
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