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Thursday, January 10, 2008

One Golden Site Compliments of NY Tech meetup

Tuesday night iSave and I wandered over to Barry Diller's new digs on the westside highway to attend the New York Tech Meetup event. There were about 350 brains in attendance. We created a bit of a flurry when we came in because we represented about one-fifth of all females present. After settling in the demos began. With 5 minutes to present, tech entrepeneurs are allowed to pitch their concept to venture capitalists, journalists and other entrepenuers.

Here's my favorite: allows you to shop high-end sample sales online. They photograph all their merch so the site looks as elegant as the lines they carry: Derek Lim, Le Perle etc. Catch: It's invite only. If you can get an invite the brands are pretty amazing and so are the prices.
Next Stop - NY Dungeons & Dragons meetup event members 497
Actual posting: Our old gaming group moved/retired/etc and I?m sick of DMing. Itching to play again. I?ve got 25+ years experience but little recently particularly with 3rd Edition. Looking to play with fairly normal people/campaign not silly 30th level stuff.

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