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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gladwell's Tipping Point convincingly challenged.

So Blink was fun, but trite, right? The contempt chapter was golden though - I think it was 11 - read that bit if you haven't.
Regardless, Gladwell is a pretty smug and furry dude.
This research geek at Yahoo thinks McGlad's business-as-usual (the Tipping Point is composed of other peoples' studies and theories and collected by the Hair) Influence theory is basically wrong. Check out excerpt and read the article.

"Watts believes this is because a trend's success depends not on the person who starts it, but on how susceptible the society is overall to the trend--not how persuasive the early adopter is, but whether everyone else is easily persuaded. And in fact, when Watts tweaked his model to increase everyone's odds of being infected, the number of trends skyrocketed."
read the Fast Company article

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