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It’s not sales or survival - it’s an electronic letter from the trenches. It’s what suits who make $60K in at age 24 can’t even imagine. It’s Freedom. It’s Poverty. It’s Broken. It’s Beautiful.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 2: In The Beginning...

Day two living off $178 for two weeks in NYC. So far I have spent $1.50 on an iced tea (orange dulce). The event occurred around 8:30pm last night at the Roasting Plant, on Greenwich and 7th Ave. (Great spot. Open 24 hrs!)

I'm very proud of this $1.50 spent. First, it was a large iced tea. And besides hydrating me it also bought me a bathroom to use and a place to sit and study for 1 1/2 hours. Now that's stretching your dollar, people.

I did realize last night that I need more shampoo. Luckily I save hotel bottles and don't wash my hair all that much so I'm pretty good for a few weeks. So far, under control! But in the beginning it's always easy...

Budget: $176.5

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iSpend said...

You are so cheap! I will lose and you will win!