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It’s not sales or survival - it’s an electronic letter from the trenches. It’s what suits who make $60K in at age 24 can’t even imagine. It’s Freedom. It’s Poverty. It’s Broken. It’s Beautiful.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 5: Weird Science

Hm. Somewhere in these last few days I think I did some math incorrectly. Either that, or I got one too many free meals. As of right now I have $143.62 in my bank account (once that damn rent check is taken out -- cash it already!). But this is $20 more than I had yesterday. And I spent $2.00 on a Fage yogurt and $1.00 on fruit this morning.

How I got more money doesn't interest me right now.

Back to the point: Status as of now, 4:13 pm on Friday, is $143.62. In the next hour this will slip down to $123.62 when I proceed to spend $20 on wine and cat litter. (This will give you a good idea of how I spend my Friday nights.) I will also withdraw $60 which will be my spending money for the weekend.

Come Monday I will have: $63.62.

Dear god! Scratch that. I will NOT withdraw $60 for the weekend. I will try to spend nothing. This will prove to be a great weekend! Here kitty, kitty...

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