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Friday, March 28, 2008

Personal Trainer For Rich Peoples' Pups

We've discussed second jobs before and in light of current economic trends, we're going to make side gigs a regular topic.

Today I check out Craigslist part-time jobs and this one was my favorites:

Running Paws, Inc ( the original dog fitness company is looking to add another Dog Runner to our expanding team of athletes.


* Comfortable with dogs of all sizes (and truly loves animals) * Able to handle 2 large dogs at a time * Able to run at least 4 miles daily (you must be in exceptional shape) * Cold/Snow/Slush/Wind/Rain/Heat/Humidity resilient * Own a cell phone * Have a clean criminal record (for bonding purposes) * Hold U.S. citizenship or legal working documents. * Minimum 5 month commitment * Available to begin working immediately * AVAILABLE FOR WORK BETWEEN 11am-3:45pm (MON thru FRIDAY). Please do not respond to this listing if you can't work 11am-3:45pm (MON. thru FRI.)
Expect to earn between $175-$225(free and clear) weekly (aprox. 2.5-3.5 hours daily).
IE $15 bucks an hour for running large dogs. If no taxes involved, this could improve your fitness and your wallet thickness level. You'd have to be unemployed or work nights or be a student for it to work. Or a writer.
On a scale of 1-10 - I give this job a 8 for cool/rewarding, 3 for pay per hour, and a 2 for benefits to your career.


Patrick Courtney said...

A shit you not Evan worked for these guys for awhile. He's a dog lover but he hurt his knee and had to stop.

Anonymous said...

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