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Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Am Not A Sheep...My Company Made Me.

To the anonymous party who came out to defend their "my brain is empty, but my heart is full" signature saying it's company policy:

In the best possible scenario, that only means your company doesn't "get it." In that case, you should change the words to read: "Please consider my intelligence before replying to this email."
BUT far more likely you work for a company that is exploiting green marketing ploys to grow profits. If you work for a hedge fund, car company, oil company or monster truck company that is claiming to be green - take a closer look at their kind-hearted moves to benefit Mother Earth. It probably fattens wallets more than saves baby seals.
I'm not alone, AdAge agrees that corporate greed is motivating green moves and I think between the two of us - all of you with furrowed brows and wagging wooly tails can just take our word for it that Green doesn't = good.

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