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Friday, June 13, 2008

Zen Master On Saving Money

Zen Habits shares the 10 ways he saves money.

The dude has six kids and doesn't ever go out or travel, but he does have a few good ideas. On his site, he goes into greater detail about his spartan ways.
I've always wanted to cut my own hair...
1) I cut my own hair. Annual savings: $580.
2) No Cable TV. Annual savings: $780.
3) Became vegan. Annual savings: $900.
4) Don’t use the gym. Annual savings: $420.
5) Rarely go to the movies. Annual savings: $780.
6) Quit smoking. Annual savings: $1,825.
7) Don’t drink much. Annual savings: $800.
8) Never go out. Annual savings: maybe $500.
9) Stay healthy. Annual savings: probably $1,200.
10) Don’t go shopping. Annual savings: probably $2,600.
11) Have only one car. Annual savings: unknown, but perhaps $5,000.
12) Bring my own lunch. Annual savings: $1,800.
13) No magazine or newspaper subscriptions. Annual savings: $360.
14) Rarely buy new clothes. Annual savings: maybe $400.
15) Never travel. Annual savings: $1,500.
16) No more lattes. Annual savings: about $1,000.
Estimated total savings: $20,445.

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