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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Are You as Financially Savvy as your Friends?

Charles Schwab offers a pretty cool "Peer Comparison Tool" (which I always thought was when you spot a girl with a huge ass and ask your friend if yours is smaller) . They ask you 10 questions like do you invest in a 401(k) (81% of kids 25-29 don' and then show you how you rank comparatively. And the responses to your questions are surprisingly human. When I said I have no debt, they responded, "Wow, no debt at all? That's great!" As if they didn't believe me...But, really, it's an interesting site, so go ahead and see if you're as smart with your investments as the rest of us (with kids these days stakes aren't too high).

Enjoy, you savvy spenders!

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PatrickCourtney said...

I was surprised that most 'peers' had cc debts of 5k or more. I think I fudged one of the questions - if i instantly received 10k i'd like to think i'd save it, but i'd probably buy a really sweet guitar and some new shoes. fo sho.