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Monday, December 24, 2007

CityBroke Candidate Profiles: When they were young, how they made their $, how much they've got and their top 3 donors.

When Conrad Black was first arrested for stealing huge amounts of money from his [then] company, Hollinger International, I was working as an editorial assistant for a British newspaper. One of the journalists shrugged at the news and said, "People just don't change much from who they are in their youth." He explained that as a teenager Black had been expelled from his prep school for selling exam papers. Being born into a very affluent Canadian family, he had no need for the money. He just didn't give a damn about the rules.
In light of this story, it isn't so shocking that later in life he'd treat his company like a personal piggy bank. He always did what he wanted knowing that the consequences would never fit the crime.
He was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison in December 2007 for his conviction on three counts of fraud and one count of obstruction of justice (Associated Press, December 10, 2007.)

CityBroke CV's
I don't care who candidates dated in college or what they smoked or they snorted. I am more interested in whether they
were they a self-involved d-bag or a decent person I wouldn't mind sharing a cube wall with. I'm also looking for signs that indicative of principle and a desire to serve. We'll report what candidates were doing in their 20's, how they made their money and how much they are worth. So for any of the candidates that I think matter, I'll be putting together a CB CV. Rudy "I'm a huge fake" Guiliani will not be profiled.

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