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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Best Mexican in Brooklyn, So Cross that Bridge!

Monday night I recovered from a long weekend of drinking at a fabulous restaurant named Chavella's in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The restaurant is very tiny - it seats only about 20 people - but everything is freshly prepared and the prices are insanely cheap (I actually felt guilty for at least 10 seconds). Because of the small size you are served promptly AND it's BYOB. What's better?! But if you're not in the drinkin' mood they also have Jarritos, which we all know are delicious. If you don't already live around here, I bet you'll never go, but then you're an idiot. The tamales are great, the tortilla soup is awesomely spicy, and basically everything else I haven't tasted is probably delicious (menu). For five of us to eat (a lot) the bill was $50. (Rumors are the brunch is killer. They deliver.)
I got this image off the blog Brooklyn Skeptic - they also reviewed, and loved, Chavella's

732 Classon Ave (b. Prospect Place and Park Place)
2, 3 to Eastern Pkwy or 4, 5 to Franklin


Marshall said...

try the gum. its to die for.

Jennifer said...

I got the most expensive item on the menu, the plato don, for $13, and I coudn't even finish it. This place is amazing.