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Monday, April 21, 2008

When I Was Your Age...

My first job was in 8th grade as a referee for 5-year-old soccer games. It was zone soccer (you know, where the field is separated into little squares resulting in way less exerted energy than real soccer), and I was paid about $8/hr. Now, kids find their first job on sites like Tutors wanted for "Ivy bound" - apparently the WASPiest tutoring company around - can make between $30 and $50 an hour - what?! That's about what I'm making right now. Thanks a lot, mom and dad, for totally ripping me off paying me 5 bucks to wash the car. Now I clearly don't value myself high enough. So, those of you reading this who are unfortunate enough to have a teenager (or I guess maybe you are one), this is a great site as long as you live in the New York, D.C. or Philly area.


Austin, CEO and Co-Founder of said...

Thanks! And keep checking out, we're working hard on expanding our job listings nationwide.

Mark Greenstein said...

Actually, Ivy Bound is high quality test prep with no religious affiliation or affinities. It's been 40 years since Ivy League schools were dominated by WASPs. Go to the Harvard, Yale, or Columbia Campuses and you'll find the White-Anglo-Saxon Protestant is nearly an endangered species.

No matter what your background, Ivy Bound helps kids GET to their top choice colleges.